How can I know the characteristics of the Ergo/IBV commercial license being used?

It is possible to know the characteristics of the commercial license being used from the application menu Utilities -> License, the Ergo/IBV License window will appear, which shows under the “License” tab the characteristics of the commercial license it is detecting:

LicenciaEnUso 17 en

  • Company: the name of the Company that will be shown when reports are generated
  • Serial number
  • License ID: Identification number of your license
  • IP address of the computer that has the commercial license activated
  • Maximum number of users: maximum number of simultaneous uses of the license you have purchased
  • Current number of users: Number of users who are currently running the Ergo/IBV application
  • Support contract available: Information on whether your license has a support contract
  • Optional modules available: available optional modules that you have purchased

If you want to change the license being used, because (for example) you would like to increase the number of users who can run the Ergo/IBV application at the same time, or you would like to purchase an optional module you do not have, you have to specify the number of simultaneous uses and optional modules you would like to as well send a screenshot of the “Ergo/IBV License” window

With this information, the IBV will send you an offer for extending your commercial license; once this offer is accepted, the IBV Customer Service will send you a license update file to be applied on the computer that currently has the activated license.