What is the Ergo/IBV DEMO application?

Ergo/IBV DEMO is a version of the application that is available to be evaluated, which requires its own installation and detecting a DEMO license. This DEMO license is installed by the installer of this software version.

The maximum length of the DEMO license is 15 days from the moment you first run the DEMO Ergo/IBV application.

The Ergo/IBV DEMO application allows you to use all the modules available on the application so that you can evaluate them, including the optional module, the only limitation is that reports cannot be generated.

The Ergo/IBV DEMO application cannot be used in remote desks or virtual machines because it is not possible to install the DEMO license on them.

If you would like to evaluate the Ergo/IBV DEMO application, it must be installed on a physical computer.

When you run Ergo/IBV DEMO, you should notice the message warning you not to open tasks created with previous versions; you must evaluate the application using the examples that it includes. If you open and save tasks that were created with previous versions, they will migrate to the latest version and may be disabled if you want to open them with the version you own.

If you have any questions about the type of computer you have, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff.


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