How is a new Ergo/IBV license automatically activated?

The license installation starts when Ergo/IBV is installed, and it is completed with a license activation. If the license is not activated, the installation process will not be completed and you will not have your commercial license.

The way the license is automatically activated depends on the configuration you select.


  • If you selected the single-user configuration:

    When you first run the Ergo/IBV application, you should activate the license.

    You must answer that you want to activate the license and the activation screen in Figure 1 will appear, where you should enter the activation code provided with the product. If this action is not carried out with administrator privileges, the activation process may fail.

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    Figure 1. Activation of the Ergo/IBV license


    • The license will be installed on the computer where Ergo/IBV is running. Therefore, you must be sure that you are installing the license on the right computer.If the user wishes to activate the software license on a different computer from that on which it was originally activated, and the migration of the software license implies an additional cost to the IBV, it shall be paid by the user. If you have a network license, this point is especially important, since the other computers in the local network can only see the licenses when the computer on which you installed it is switched on.
    • The license is protected against cloning; if you activate it on a virtual machine, a future migration could deactivate the license. For further information, see FAQ When running Ergo/IBV, the message “Detection error (F11): CloneDetected” appears


  • If you selected the multi-user configuration:

    Send the following instructions to your system administrator or IT staff.

    The multi-user configuration does not require installing the Ergo/IBV application in the server. In order to activate the license, you only have to download the following "software license activation and driver" utility pack, unzip it and copy it to the server you selected to activate the license; then follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Install the drivers of the software license, by running the haspdinst_ErgoIBV.bat file; when the installation is done, a message that the installation was successfully completed will appear.
    • Step 2: Activate the license automatically, by running the “LicenseActivation” file which is inside the folder with the same name as it was copied to the server. The window “Ergo/IBV License” will be shown – Figure 1 – and, from this point on, the activation is similar to that of the Mono-User configuration, being careful to read the information shown in this window before entering the activation code.

    NOTE: These utility files are also available on the computer where the Ergo/IBV application was installed, which is by default: “C:\Program Files\IBV\Ergo IBV xx\Utils"


  • If you selected the Terminal-Server configuration:

    Send the following instructions to your system administrator or IT staff.

    The Terminal Server configuration is performed in a similar way to the mono-user configuration previously described in this FAQ: when you run the Ergo/IBV application for the first time, you should active the license by following the instructions provided in the mono-user configuration.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, SEE THE FAQ Which possible configurations can I choose when installing the Ergo/IBV application?


 If you have any questions about the selected configuration or how to proceed, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff.