How is a new license manually activated with Ergo/IBV?

The manual activation of a new license requires exchanging files with the IBV Customer Service. The way the license is manually activated depends on the configuration you selected.


  • If you selected the Mono-User/Terminal-Server configuration:

    In this case both license and Ergo/IBV application are in the same computer.

    Step 1: generate and send .c2v file to

    • To do this, run Ergo/IBV, Utilities Menu -> License -> “Activate manual license” Tab (Figure 1), and follow the steps shown in that window.

      Lic ActivarLicManual 15 en

      Figure 1. Manual activation of the Ergo/IBV license

      IMPORTANT: make sure that the computer where you generated the c2v file is also the one chosen to activate the license

    • Step 2: apply license update with the .v2c file received

      Once the file you sent with a .c2v extension has been processed, the IBV Customer Service will send you back a file with a .v2c extension containing the update with the appropriate commercial license. You must download and copy to the same computer where the .c2v file was generated.

      Then run Ergo/IBV, Utilities Menu -> License -> “Update license” Tab (Figure 2), and follow the steps shown in the “Ergo/IBV License” window

       Lic ActualizarLic 15 enFigure 2. Ergo/IBV License update

      Once you press the OK button, a message confirming the successful license update will appear.

      NOTE: If you use a virtual machine or you access the application through a remote desk, follow the steps previously described, but access the Ergo/IBV License window by directly running the “LicenseActivation” utility that is available by default on you drive: “C:\Program Files\ibv\Ergo IBV xx\Utils\LicenseActivation"

  • If you selected the Multi-User configuration:

    In this case, the server has only the license installed, not the Ergo/IBV application.

    Send this information to your system administrator or IT staff:

    In order to manually activate a new software license with Ergo/IBV on the previously selected server, you should have downloaded the utility pack, unzipped and copied the resulting folder on the server chosen to activate the license, installed the driver as explained in FAQ How is the software license driver manually installed with Ergo/IBV?, and then follow the same steps described in this FAQ for the Mono-User/Terminal-Server Configuration, but instead of using the Ergo/IBV application, you have to use the “LicenseActivation” utility that is in the utility pack downloaded

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, SEE FAQ Which possible configurations can I choose when installing the application 

If you have any questions about the selected configuration or how to proceed, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff