How can I know on which computer of my Company is the purchased software license activated, which version and how many simultaneous uses it has?

This information can be accessed from a computer on which the Ergo/IBV application or the software license driver were previously installed, by entering the following link into the internet browser: http://localhost:1947/_int_/features.html

A window like this will be shown; we have highlighted the fields that provide the relevant information.


localhost 1947 features

  • Key: is the Ergo/IBV license identifier
  • Feature 3: Demo License
  • Feature 15: Commercial License Ergo/IBV 15 or , if you have Ergo v15 activated, its value would be 15, if Ergo/IBV v16 its value would be 16, etc.
  • Location: it is the name of the computer that has the activated license. If it is activated on the computer from which you request the information, it shows “local”
  • Logins: current number of license being used
  • Limit: maximum number of simultaneous accesses

If you have any questions, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff.