Is it possible to use Ergo/IBV in a server farm or server cluster?

The Ergo/IBV installation consists of two parts: the application installation and the license activation.

  • The installation of the Ergo/IBV application can be carried out on a server farm or server cluster provided that the servers are in the same LAN as the computer that has the activated software license and that the system meets the requirements to install the application.  
  • The activation of the Ergo/IBV software license cannot be performed on a server farm or server cluster:

    The license must be activated on a computer that is on the same local area network as the computer or computers that have the Ergo/IBV application installed.
    The computer on which the license is activated must be visible (and turned on) for the license to be detected.
    Since server farms are dynamic, the server having the activated license might not be visible anymore and therefore the application may not detect the software license and consequently not work.
    In addition, we advise you to activate the license on a physical computer, which is less restrictive tan virtual computers as when it comes to triggering the protection against cloning that the software license has.


Si tiene dudas sobre este punto remita esta información a su administrador de sistemas o personal informático.