If a PC does not detect the license already activated on another PC or server of the same company, what could be the problem?

For a computer to detect a commercial license that is activated on another computer, it is necessary that the computer having the activated license is turned on, and that both computers are on the same physical LAN, in the same IP range. Additionally, there must be communication between the computers via port 1947, which should have no input or output restrictions; this is the port through which the application automatically checks that there is a software license.

If the error persists please inform your IT staff so that they execute the "tracert" command from the client to the server, to verify the jumps that are given from one computer to another and that there are no firewalls closing the communication through the port 1947.

If there is no communication between the client and the server and it is not possible to modify it, the following FAQ indicates available alternatives:  If the computer on which the Ergo/IBV application is installed is not in the same local area network (LAN) as the computer on which the software license is activated, what are the options to work with the purchased commercial license?

If you have any questions about this point, refer this information to your system administrator or IT staff.