How is the software license manually updated with Ergo/IBV?

To manually update a software license that is already activated, you need an update file with a .v2c extension that you should have received via email from

Then you must apply the update on the computer that has the activated license to be updated, by following the relevant instructions

  •  If the computer has the Ergo/IBV application installed:

    • Option 1: Run the application -> Utilities Menu -> License -> “Update license” tab, and follow the steps shown in the window.

    • Option 2: Find the LicenseActivation utility file, once the application is installed, it is located by default in the folder: “C:\Archivos de programa\ibv\Ergo IBV xx\Utils\LicenseActivation”. The “Ergo/IBV License” window will be appear, select “Update License” Tab, and follow the steps shown in that window.

  • If the computer has only the license activated, and not the application: 

  • Download this "software license activation and driver" utility pack, unzip it, run the “LicenseActivation” utility. The “Ergo/IBV License” window will appear, select “Update license” Tab, and follow the steps shown in that window.”

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After applying the update, a message confirming that the license update was successfully completed will appear.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, SEE THE FAQ How can I know on which computer of my company is the purchased software license activated, which version and how many simultaneous uses it has? 

If you have any questions about this point, refer this information to your system administrator or IT staff.