“An error occurred when updating the license: Error writing v2c – UpdateTooOld”

This message appears in the following situations::

  1. You have not realized that the update has been already applied and you are trying to apply it for a second time. You can check it by entering this link in the web browser: http://localhost:1947/_int_/features.html --> if you are updating a commercial license to, for instance, Ergo/IBV v15, a record line with value 15 should appear in the “Features” column on this screen. For further information, see the FAQ How can I know on which computer of my company is the purchased software license activated, which version and how many simultaneous uses it has?
  2. The update of the license previous to the one you are trying to apply has not been applied yet. In this case, send atencion.cliente@ibv.org a .c2v file generated  from this computer, from the Ergo/IBV Menu -> Utilities -> License --> “Activate Manual License” tab or using the “LicenseActivation” utility, reporting the error and attaching a screenshot of what is shown on the screen when entering the following link on the browser: http://localhost:1947/_int_/features.html, in order to start a formatting and license activation process by exchanging files.

If you have any questions, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff.