"HASP LM Server running. First, stop HASP LM server by running net stop "HASP Loader" from a command prompt…”

Send this information to your system administrator to be able to install the application:

This error occurs during the installation if the driver of the software license cannot be properly installed. In this case, you must stop the "Sentinel Local License Manager" service from the computer administration panel in order to be able to install the driver.

You should also check that there is no physical protection key connected to the computer.

Then you must manually install the software license driver. For more information, see FAQ How is the software license driver manually installed with Ergo/IBV?

If it is still not possible to install the driver, remove the file named hasplms.exe which is located in C:\windows\system32—with the service stopped—and install the software license driver again.

If the error persists, send an email to atencion.cliente@ibv.org, including a screenshot of the error shown and specifying that you have followed the instructions of this FAQ