“It is not currently possible to access ergo.ibv.org. Check your internet connection” on the left side of the screen

Press the “More Information” button located below the message, and the following window will appear::

 ErgoSinConexion 15 en

You should check that you meet the specified requirements to work with the web part of the application.

Check whether it was a connection failure by pressing the button in the toolbar window to reconnect to the Ergo/IBV web area.


If you have any questions, send this information to your system administrator or IT staff.


IMPORTANT: If due to the security policy of your company you cannot have an internet connection through Ergo/IBV application, all the options on the Ergo/IBV web part have an alternative in any computer with internet access, through a web browser, accessing the website of the Occupational Health Community: http://ergo.ibv.org.

Web CSL Manual 15 en