I try to watch a video, but it is not possible from any of the modules, a message that “No video source configured. Select the source you use… ” appears

The full text of the message displayed is "No video source configured. Select the source you use in the Configuration window (Information menu). For an example, click OK and select the file Video Example in the Examples directory”

In this case:

  • If you click OK, Windows Explorer will appear, where you can choose the “Video Example” location; it is by default in “C:\Program files\ibv\Ergo IBV xx \Examples”.

  • If you press Cancel, the window closes and the operation is cancelled.

If you do not want this warning to be displayed again, you can modify the video source configuration from the Utilities Menu -> Configure and then check the option you will use by default in “Video source”

ConfiguracionVideo 15 en

You can get further information on this subject in Chapter 3 of the user manual “Operation of the Application”, through the Ergo/IBV application -> Help Menu -> Manual. If you do not have an internet connection, see the FAQ I have no internet access. How can I see the user manual?

 If you have any questions about this point, refer this information to your system administrator or IT staff.