Which possible configurations can I select when installing the Ergo/IBV application?

The program installation consists of two steps:



Depending on where the application is installed and where the license is activated, the following configurations can be selected:

  • Single-user configuration (Figure 1): both the application and the software license are installed on the computer where the application is to be use.

    Lic Conf MonoUser en
    Figure 1. Single-user configuration

  • Multi-User configuration (Figure 2): with this configuration, Ergo/IBV is installed on all the computers, whereas the software license is installed only in the server.

    Lic Conf MultiUser enFigure 2. Multi-User configuration

  • Terminal Server configuration (Figure 3): both the application and the software license are installed in the server; this configuration requires Windows Server with a license to use Terminal Services, otherwise, the application cannot be used simultaneously.

    In this case, access to Ergo/IBV depends on the server configuration, but does not necessarily have to be restricted to LAN networks, it could be also accessed through wide area networks (WAN).

    Lic Conf Server enFigure 3. Terminal Server configuration

  • Mixed configuration: any mixed solution of the three previous configurations, with the licenses being installed in the server and/or the computers on the same LAN, and the application being installed according to your needs. The Ergo/IBV application can be used normally as long as it detects an activated free license when being run.

If you are unsure which settings to choose, forward this information to your system administrator or IT staff for advice on what configuration is best depending on the use of the application determined by the infrastructure available in your company.

IMPORTANT: If the license(s) provided by the IBV do(es) not match the settings you need for your business, contact the IBV before activating it/them at atencion.cliente@ibv.org